Crystal Ball New York

Jerico Austin
Dirty blonde
Race Type:

Jerico is a hard working young man with a rebel's air. He stands about 5'7" and has not quite finished growing yet, and is in his mid to late teens. His dirty blonde hair is kept short and often spiked, as well as dyed with assorted colors depending on the day, his mood, and what he's up to. Popular dyes are, hot pink, lime green, electric blue, and a bright purple, he's also been known to bleach his hair to a white blonde then dye the tips with spray in hair dye, and has occasionally been seen with red hair. Both his left and right ear are crowded with earrings from his lobes all the way around to where the ear meets the head. While at work he limits himself to three earrings in each ear. At work, he wears nice jeans or casual slacks and polo or dress shirts, the last being button down shirts worn casual, but away from work he dresses like your typical teen out for a good time at the nearest rave or other party.


A young genius Jerico "Jeri" Austin graduated from MIT at the tender age of 16, with two doctorates in the Computers and Technology fields and a Masters in Pharmacology. He originally comes from a little town in Wyoming, where his blinding intelligence ensured he would be entirely too bored for his own good though the rough crowd he got in with in his youth, weren't too thrilled at having a little kid hanging with them and weren't all that rough in the first place. In college he got in with faster crowds, tried to fit in. Unlike some geniuses Jeri's parents made sure he was socialized so he wasn't entirely clueless when it came to interacting with others. This new crowd introduced him to caffeine pills and other pharmaceuticals, legal and not so, mostly to keep them up so they could keep up with their school work, Jeri found such things mind expanding. He also found e-cigs. Though he found the things limited and he really disliked the shape of other vape gear, so he took apart several stock e-cigs, and modified them, used his budding understanding of pharmacology and thus chemistry to improve on the fluids used to come up with something he liked.

After graduation he was inundated with job offers from many different companies, the one he finally chose was Dauntless Industries, not because they offered the best package, but because the project they dangled in front of him looked interesting and a fun puzzle to solve. Only a month at the company and the project team leader found himself in legal difficulties, his superiors found out he was working for the competition, and Jeri was made team leader, and in the first week alone he and the team have not only met the first milestone they have done so way ahead of schedule.

Jeri has found a mentor, in both magic and the hazards of making one's way to the top in the business world, in his division's VP Alexander Orchid, and currently lives with the man, an arrangement they are keeping quiet from HR to keep the lectures to a minimum. Though Jeri's current rise in his superior's eyes has nothing to do with having that ace in the hole, and more to do with his own skill and drive.

On July 7th 2016, after the death of Alexander Orchid, Jerico was named VP of Information Technologies at Dauntless Industries. He also inherited Alexander's estate. At that time he started several projects intended to drive Dauntless to the top of the computer market. From about the middle of Feburary 2018, till now. Dauntless is the only computer market in town.