Crystal Ball New York

White from scars
Race Type:

In public Sigil usually goes about with black leather gloves on his hands and the cowl of his deep blood red pulled up to hide his features. In comfortable surrounds, he will lower his cowl to reveal what lies underneath.

Under the cowl is a sight to behold. A thin silver plate covers his forehead and the front portion of his head like some sort of armor plating. He's bald except for a strip of hair going down the back of his head like a horse's mane, falling in a wavy cascade of reddish brown to his waist. The rest of his flesh has been turned into a metal smith's playground. There is silver wire that comes off the silver plate that lays tight against his flesh digging in, and eventually turning into ribbons of silver that is embedded in his flesh and forms a myriad of designs. Golden ribbons join the ribbons of silver, sometimes rising out of his skin to become golden wire that digs painfully into his flesh. The alterations look painful, and vanish under the robe. If you can tear your eyes away from the mutilation of the flesh to look at his eyes, you can see hints of blue that peek out around the white scarring that has stolen his sight. It looks like someone burned his eyes. (App 0)

It should be noted that Sigil cannot speak above a whisper.


Very little is known about Sigil, not even his real name. What is known is around mid 2014 he appeared and started to preach in a whispery voice that never rose above the whisper. He spoke of monsters and predators in the night that needed to be stopped. Between the soft voice that could capture an audience and hold its attention, and the aura of peace and serenity about him, he soon had a sizeable following,

It is rumored that he had some of the metal embedded in his skin removed, though if so, it is from places under his robe and out if sight of others. What isn't rumor is the founding of the Church of the Bleeding Rose shortly after he appeared and started to preach.In the beginning of 2016 his church got its first physical location a sizeable warehouse in the garment district. This building serves as church, and living space for many of its members and for Sigil who his followers have started calling Brother Sigil.