Crystal Ball New York


Character Creation

Character creation for the Crystal ball is fairly simple and easy. 2nd Edition and Revised edition game systems are accepted usually without a problem. Provided the game system is modern, the Dark Ages systems, really have no place here, but a good argument may allow for a character out of time. Dark Ages Inquisitor is a game system that could well have orders in the modern times. And thus may be allowed with pre approval and discussion with the ST.

20th Anniversary editions are also accepted, and the ST would prefer to use some of the backgrounds from these editions over the ones in 2nd or Revised, as the 20th Anniversary editions take into account things like inflation!

I grant 50 freebies at character creation, I prefer people with characters a bit more seasoned, with the following restrictions.

  • No more than 5 scores of 4 or higher in Attributes and Abilities.
  • Arete limit at start of 4 or lower.
  • Gnosis limit of 5 or less, with the exception of those shifters who start with higher.
  • I ask that you please keep in mind character age and the like, and that if you want a 16 year old PhD you make sure your kid has the intelligence score for genius and you've wrote it in your character's background. If it doesn't make sense, I won't allow it.

Please keep in mind the setting. And the fact that your character is unlikely to know that you are being studied. If you wish to play an agent of the Union, please speak with the ST about the concept first as there are options available.

Campaign specific Merits, Flaws, and Rules:


Lucid Observer - 2pt You are unaffected by Delirium caused by Shifters, you also do not count as a witness to vulgar magic, and do not fall into a coma after being enchanted. Memories are easy recalled when faced with the one who enchanted you. This merit does not confer any sort of kinship, no one knows why it is that you are this way, they just know you are and some might feel threatened by it.