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The Vine is a local, greater NYC, paper that is often dismissed as just another "rag mag", however the smart and wise realize there's more truth within the pages of the Vine than there is fiction.

The Vine
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The Vine is a publication supported by sources who wish to remain annonymous

Serial Killer Targets Men of Faith    In the past two months 8 men of faith, priests of various religions, have been the victim of death via suspicious circumstances. While each individual death, when viewed on its own, appears to be either accidental or natural, when you look at the deaths together there is clearly a pattern, a pattern the NYC police are not seeing, perhaps it is because of the way the deaths are spread out over multiple precincts.

Stalker Sets Up Dancer    A stalker believed to have connections or be a member of the NYPD set up an exotic dancer, who was believed to also have been at one time a male escort, to be busted for solicitation, and then somehow managed to put out a fugitive warrant for the man's arrest. Police involved in the arrest for solicitation have been suspended pending a full investigation after the accused's attorney proved through independent sources that the recording of the so called solicitation was a fake. The officers involved in issuing the fugitive warrant have also been suspended, pending a full inquiry. The judge who supposedly signed the warrant was out of town in Albany when he was to have signed the warrant. A "burner phone", a phone that is hard to track to one specific person because it was either stolen or bought through one of those pre-paid cellphone plans, was lifted from evidence lock up and has been used to send messages from a blocked number to the stalker's target. Several others have been suspended, arrested, or are being watched as a result of the investigation started by the attorney and state police.

Giant Dog Attacks in East Village    Last night witnesses report that a giant dog was attacked, or attacked, a group of any where from two to a dozen men last night in front of a small herb and curio shop, though no one can explain how one man ended up shot by two bullets, not even the man who was shot as he did not survive his injuries. Another man was found in the middle of the street missing part of his chest and rib cage and all of his heart, which was found on the sidewalk, something tore it out of the man's chest. Police are looking for information as to what happened, as the few witnesses to the event are even less reliable than usual.

Owner and CEO of Noir Industries Under Investigation, Turning Up Nothing    Vasago Noir, owner and CEO of Noir Industries, and several of its child companies, is under investigation for not holding to truth in advertising, misreporting funds and assets, and several other charges that could, if proved valid, result in Mr. Noir losing everything including at least 5 years of freedom. However, so far, the investigation is finding no proof of these claims and is instead revealing very clever methods of production including several underground caverns where Mr. Noir and his people are growing and raising food and raw materials for the products his company makes. An insider let slip that they believe this investigation to be a childish attack against Mr. Noir after he refused to donate to a political campaign.

Disappearances    Several men, and a few women, have gone missing over the last month or so, there has been no ransom demands, or any signs of a body in any of the disappearances, and there is nothing that might connect the missing people. In several of the cases the police believe the people took off, and that their disappearances are nothing more than people being fed up and going away.

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