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Will It Be War?    Many are saying yes after last night's apparently unprovoked attack by Russia and China.
       Yesterday evening, several hundred Russian and Chinese missiles were launched at four targets in the United States. None of these missiles, as far as anyone can tell, were nuclear in nature, though they were designed to bust into protected bunkers. Most of these missiles were stopped, however some got through, in New York City, four managed to get through the Aegis system to slam into Manhattan island killing several hundred people.
       Washington DC, which was another target, was hit with four missiles as well, taking out the White House Front lawn and severely damaging the building itself, the Capitol Building was also hit, a third, having had to redirect itself after avoiding the intercepting missiles, punched through the Washington Monument, to slam into the reflecting pool of the National Mall, destroying both the pool and the monument which blew apart from the force of the explosion. A fourth missile slammed into businesses and office buildings near the White House.
       A site in Florida was also targeted but the smaller number of missiles aimed there ensured that all were stopped. Officials have no way to know what the final target in New Jersey was, though all but one missile was stopped there, and it took out the 9th hole of a golf course.
       The counter launch was delayed by no more than a few seconds while the president's staff advised against a nuclear strike against the two countries, and instead our own non-nuclear missiles were launched in response, targeting St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Beijing as confirmed targets, and several other unconfirmed targets in China.
       When questioned both the Russian and Chinese Ambassadors had this to say in response to their country's attacks and the question of did their leaders want a war: "It is not our countries that want a war, it is you who what the war. Your insults and disrespect towards the leaders of the rest of the world has become intolerable. You make any meeting with you a chore that everyone would prefer to avoid and not even wish upon their worst enemies, and yet you have your people tell your country that the meeting went well and great steps forward were made. The only steps forward in those meetings were, as a rule, those of you upon the traditions and ideals of those you were speaking with. You would dare tell us what we are to do and when, while you go about doing whatever you please, dismissing those countries that have no value to you personally, while finding excuses for those that do. America was once a nation to be respected, no more. Now it has become a rabid dog that must be put down before it takes us all down." The meetings with the ambassadors ended on those words.
       Will we be going to war? The answer is, most likely. Today the State Department and the American Ambassadors are reaching out to our allies, to see what they might be able to do to prevent the war, while back home the General Staff is gearing up to switch focus.

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