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Gone Fusion    Indian Point Energy Center in Buchannan NY was purchased by Crystal Energy right after the last power disaster, and underwent a lot of upgrades and restoration. The 3 reactor power plant was scheduled to shut down completely in 2021, however that will not be happening now.
       Kris Kiriakis, the CEO of Crystal Energy, announced today that they expect to bring a single cold fusion reactor online by Christmas. He also stated that the president's recent announcement made it possible for them to make this announcement rather than leaving people thinking the facility was scaling back to just one fission reactor. They hope to have the 3 original reactors cooled and the nuclear material safely removed within 6 months, though he admits that at this time they have no faster way to nullify the ambient radiation in the reactors and will have to wait to reclaim the reactors to refit them for the safer fusion reactors.
       While the world believes that cold fusion is in its infancy and currently costs more to produce less in the way of energy, when it works at all, Mr. Kiriakis has assured reporters, that cold fusion has progressed much further in truth and that the methods they will be using, will produce more energy for less money and less harm to the environment that current traditional power plants.

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