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The Vine is a local, greater NYC, paper that is often dismissed as just another "rag mag", however the smart and wise realize there's more truth within the pages of the Vine than there is fiction.

The Vine
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The Vine is a publication supported by sources who wish to remain annonymous

City of New York To Require Supernatural Registration    After the finding of Drag Queen Coco Shannel, Mayor and City Administrators plan to set up a registration for Supernaturals. When asked if this was a wise decision to make, the Mayor responded, "The number of unexplained incidents in this city has skyrocketed, Mr. Whyte or Ms. Shannel was found stuffed behind a dumpster and looked like she'd been torn apart by claws and teeth. The Supernatural are possessed of abilities that qualify as deadly or at least dangerous, so since we require people to register guns and carry permits to use them, it seems only fair that the Supernatural register." It was further expressed that if they are law abiding they should have no problem with registering, even as law abiding people have no problem with registering their guns, getting drivers licenses, getting permits, and the like in order to assure a sense of peace and order in the city.
       When people on the street were asked about this, the responses were mixed, with some claiming that registration isn't enough, though the bulk of those questioned asked how soon until the Supernatural had to wear their golden "Star of David" on their outerwear, or other groups were also forced to such registrations, would we soon be finding ourselves saluting the Mayor and Administrators as if this were the new Third Reich? On the whole this announcement has not been well received.

Drag Queen Found Dead Blocks From Home    DeAngelo Whyte, better known as Coco Shannel, was found mauled and mutilated behind a dumpster just blocks from his Harlem Home last night. There was no sign of a struggle, it appears that he hadn't the chance to fight back and he'd been attacked by what appears to be a rather large animal or something with large sharp claws and teeth. The lack of blood at the site leads investigators to believe it was a body dump, with some minor attempts to hide the body. Coco had not been seen at the club she performs at for the last 3 nights, and the body was found by a homeless woman who'd caught sign of a shoe.
       While the investigation is still ongoing, the city administrators are using this recent find as grounds for a new registration (see headline article).

Mayor Questioning Wall    The federally mandated wall around New York City and a good portion of the surrounding countryside, is now being questioned by the Mayor and his advisors. As to the need for such a large and believed expensive construction when the money and manpower could go to other more important projects such as rebuilding our military and ports. The City Attorneys are now looking into court ordered cease and desist orders to suspend construction.

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